In the year 1967, Florencio A. Franco created the first project, based on his specialty, typesetting, that would later become Establecimiento Gráfico Franco S.R.L., which at the beginning had one-color printers with very simple color and engraving control.

Later, after recruiting the second generation, the professionalism devoted to the development of each stage of the process, had placed the company among the most modern printing companies, making Establecimiento Gráfico Franco S.R.L. a synonym of graphic engineering.

  •   1967

    Florencio A. Franco created from their specialty letterpress the first project that later became the Establecimiento Gráfico Franco.

    Counting at its start with a color printer and very simple ways to control and colored prints.

  •   1986

    Moving Company.

    3553 Pacheco Street in Villa Urquiza, until 3551 Catamarca street in San Andrés, Province of Buenos Aires.

  •   2000

    Incorporation of modern Roland 700 press Mann.

  •   2001

    Certification ISO 9001-2008.

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  •   2009

    Incorporation of a modern Roland Mann TLV 706 7 bodies, forming a system of 14 bodies.

    Synchronized from a control station for the optimization of time and the consequent reduction in costs.

  •   2014

    New Mimaki CF2 Cutting Plotter.

    The CF2 Series Flatbed Cutting plotter provides versatility and ease of use for cutting a wide range of different materials from carton board and signage substrates to rubber and plastics.


Globalization has imposed on everyday tasks a transformation speed that at the same time causes difficulty to adapt to these changes. In this way, only the fundamentally agile organizations are successful, those offering quick responses to challenges. Establecimiento Gráfico Franco, integrates in its plant all the stages of the productive process, combining the expertise and professionalism of different generations.

Management makes every effort and provides all the resources necessary to develop, implement, and improve this Quality Policy.


To offer Goods and Services that meet our clients' needs. To incorporate technology in order to meet the growing market demands. To establish a flexible and efficient organization that constantly adapts itself to the changes in the market demands. To maintain a close relationship with our clients in order to constantly improve the products and services. To consider the human resources of our company as our main asset, constantly training them to reach the objectives and goals of the company. To keep an environmentally responsible policy, preventing pollution.